Why Are More & More People Floating in Edmonton?

Experiencing the environment of sensory deprivation in an isolation tank and the many benefits of floating is changing lives in Edmonton. When we give ourselves some much needed space to simply be alone, to breathe, to let go of anxiety / stress / pain / tension / exhaustion, this is where the power of floating starts to reveal itself. The beauty of a moment to reset, rest & surrender - as you disconnect from the struggles, distractions and busyness of everyday life - cannot be expressed in words. The magic of floating can only be experienced firsthand.

Our mind. Our bodies. Our energy, family, presence, work, happiness and countless other aspects of our lives are easily interrupted & impacted by this roller coaster called 'life' and its endless ups and downs.

The coping & healing methods of this ride of life comes in a variety of ways. Things such as (but not limited to) alcohol, cannabis, prescriptions, exercise, vacations, sugar, food, drugs, technology and entertainment are used in both healthy and unhealthy ways to disconnect & distract ourselves from our struggles and the busy mind.

Such solutions often offer a temporary moment of relief yet fail to heal the core of any real struggle. Life is constantly growing in overwhelmingness and as a result, healthy & effective alternatives that actually work are being sought. For this reason and countless others, floating is stepping into the spotlight and earning popularity as awareness of its awesomeness grows.

Very basically, floating will gives you a space in which to reset & heal yourself, to grow & shed that which is no longer serving you, and to reveal the depths of who you are. All you have to do is show up, let go of control and do nothing - it is that simple. Just imagine what you could do, who you might be, how your life will benefit when you navigate your existence as the best version of your Self. That's what floating does and that's why more people are doing it.

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How will floating in sensory deprivation benefit you?

The technical name for floating, sensory deprivation, and floatation therapy is called restricted environmental stimulation therapy or REST for short. Considering this name in the simplest terms, it basically means that distractions from the environment that would normally stimulate a person are significantly reduced for therapeutic purposes. Sensory information from the environment - primarily light, sound, touch, and physically compensating for gravity, is controlled by the design of float tank or cabin (sometimes referred to as isolation tanks or chambers).

Giving yourself seventy-five minutes of quality space free of such environmental and basic life distractions will benefit you in so many powerful ways to a point words do not suffice. Essentially, floating will allow you to drop into one of the deepest states of meditation, mindfulness, peace and rest that you will likely ever experience. From this point of deep meditation, the benefits you receive will be unique and specific to your life and existence in that exact moment. Every float - and I mean every single float - will be different as life and how we manage it are changing constantly. This likely does not make any sense, and that’s okay. What I am describing here is difficult to explain and comprehend in words. The benefits of floating can only be felt firsthand.

I am also being deliberately vague when it comes to the specific benefits of sensory deprivation. The reason why is because we highly recommended floating without any expectations. If I start listing the various ways floating in a float tank could benefit you, it will plant a seed of expectation and you may chase this benefit during your experience and get in your own way.

Finally, I would also highly recommend avoid doing any further research in regards to floating. You will discover countless amazing ways floating has benefited people, but knowing them will not improve your float experience. If you must know how floating might benefit yourself, many people have claimed that floating has helped in these general areas:

  • Physical (tension, pain, injury, healing, trauma & more)
  • Mental (calming a busy mind, self-worth, new perspectives, important decisions, past reconciliations & more)
  • Emotional Wellbeing (process grief, break-ups, depression, positive affirmations)
  • Reduce Anxiety & Stress
  • Improved meditation and mindfulness practice
  • Being more present
  • Deep states of rest and relaxation
  • Spiritual journeys
  • Improved sleeping
  • And many more...