It's Dominic.

He went into his first float as Dominic, and technically came out as Dominic, but he would never be the same. Years of floating and various explorations of consciousness culminated in the creation of this space to support others going about their own journey of healing, growth and discovering who they are. Paired with a lifetime passion for trade and businessy stuff, Float House opened the doors at the heart of the city of Edmonton on Whyte Avenue Thanksgiving Monday in October 2016. I am exactly where I need to be right now, and doing what I need to be doing. It feels awesome :)

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Life is Play

Su' dude!
It's Alex.

Having only crossed paths with Alex in a completely different lifetime but a handful of times, I knew this young man was an absolute gem of a human being. And when I reached out to see if he would be interested in being my wingman in the earliest days of opening Float House Edmonton, I could not be anymore grateful for him joining this journey and everything that he contributed to our space and the experiences. It has been a privilege to witness how much growth is possible within us. And as cheezy as it sounds, you rock dude! This pic captures you perfectly. But I'll stop... bugging... you with these punny compliments.

Being Fearlessly Authentic

Hi! 🤗 🛶 🥑
It's Crystal.

Crystal is many things but essentially, she is the ocean - beautiful, mysterious, wild and free. A passion for water was initiated from a young age growing up on Miscou Island, NB. Today it expresses itself through the love of canoeing (and the outdoors in general) and floating. A fun fact about Crystal is that she has been hosting floats for 5+ years and very likely has hosted more floats than anyone in Edmonton. Holding space without judgement and sharing joy and kindness is just a small part of what makes Crystal an awesome little rascal. And as a word of caution regarding Crystal, her hug-game is pretty tight. She can definitely get the jump on you, just like she did to this cute wee chocolate Lab.
Life Must Be Lived As Play

Καλή μέρα
It's Kostas.

I have very fond memories of witnessing in awe this young man walking around Whyte Ave in the early days of opening Float House, and simply felt drawn to connect & discover who he was. Little did I know that this amazing being from Greece would become such a powerful force of transformation, healing and growth in my life personally, and for so many others. Kostas' infectious confidence and authentic expression creates a magically intoxicating and uplifting energy to be around that extends an invitation to step closer into your own authentic expression and become your truest self. You doing you inspires me to do me. I cannot thank you enough for you being you - nothing but love and gratitude for you :) 
Take More Chances, Dance More Dances

🐍 Sssssup!
It's Stephany.

I will never forget the beautiful January day in 2018 when Stephany experienced her first float. From the moment we met, I immediately felt the pure warmth, playfulness, presence, joy and passion that this wonderful being was emanating. Watching how you 'balance' in life is delightful to witness. This pic fits you perfectly. You will know this feeling when you experience the energy of Stephany's space. I will be forever grateful for getting to know who you are and witnessing your evolution. I look forward to all the adventures your journey will lead you. 
Leave Your Ego, Play the Music, Love the People