Choosing the best floating option depends on how far you want to take your float practice. Like most new activities, there is a learning curve to floating; it takes every person at least 3 to 5 floats to get used to, "good" and confident with this new experience. Being in a float tank designed for sensory deprivation and isolated from distractions is an unfamiliar sensation. The first few floats provide time to acclimate to this environment of sensory deprivation, plus develop a confidence in finding a pathway into your own experience. 

Do not worry though about how to "do" this thing called floating. It is also best to not reserach floating at all to avoid expectations (feel free to ask why this is important). Every first time floater will receive an in-depth twenty minute orientation on the best practices of floating. We pride ourselves on our initial orientation and ongoing coaching as this level of service differentiates us from most other float centres. 
The intention of Float House is to hold a safe and supportive space for healing, growth and self-exploration through a practice of floating. Most of our customers have started their journey of practicing floating by going only once per month - that's it. Some will float more than this, while others may go less. It all depends on how much time and resources you can commit to the practice, and how far you want to take it. Below is a breakdown of the pricing options.


Float Programs & Pricing

Below is a breakdown of our float pricing options here at Float House Edmonton. All prices are subject to taxes. If you have any questions, please contact us.

How long is the float? All float reservations are 75 minutes. Longer floats are available at times for an extra cost or when we can accommodate based on schedule & availability. Please ask us directly for more details.

All first time floaters with us are asked to arrive twenty mintues before their scheduled float begins for their orientation. Otherwise arriving five minutes prior to your scheduled float is perfect. We cannot guarantee the full seventy five minutes if you are late unfortunately, but we will do our best accommodate.

If you cannot make your reservation, we kindly ask for a 12-hour cancellation notice so others may have access to book into this vacant spot.



$44per month
  • Month-to-Month (No Term or Commitments)
  • Includes One 75 Minute Float per Month
  • Extra Floats are $33 Each
  • Unused Floats of an Active Member Roll-Over
  • Non-shareable
  • $55 Buddy Rates
  • Online Booking
  • Thirty Day Cancellation Notice by Email


$47per float ($188 total)
  • Includes 4x 75 Minute Floats
  • Shareable
  • One Year Expiration


$77per float
  • Includes One 75 Minute Float